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Monday, August 23, 2010

Almost Packed

Well my livingroom is packed sky high with boxes and stuff that Kelli has packed for school. I think she's getting close to being done. At least I hope so, since we're leaving Wednesday morning early to take her to college. The rest of us are getting close to being packed too, although I'm not sure there's going to be room enough in the van for our stuff. lol

If you're interested, click on the link in the sidebar to Kelli's blog and get an interesting take on her thoughts of leaving her room. I don't think she's going to miss any of us to much, but it sounds like she's really gonna' miss that room. I haven't gone in and looked yet to see if it's about empty or not. I imagine from all the boxes in the livingroom it must be. I bet if I looked I'd even be able to see what color the carpet is. You see it's been a long time since anyone has even been able to see it.  Here are a couple pictures.  Oh and by the way, I grabbed these from her blog, so it's nothing she minds being in the internet.  Actually, I have to be honest, these are from her being in the process of packing.  (But honestly, it got about this bad quite often, even before she ever started packing for school)

A clean room has never been a priority to Kelli. And at about age 10-12 I finally decided it just wasn't worth the battle anymore and I just learned to leave the door closed. I figured that's what doors are for anyway. There are enough battles worth fighting for, but this was one that wasn't. She was happier and I was happier to not be yelling for the room to be cleaned. And as long as I didn't have to go in the room, there was no problem!

Now, though I'm a little concerned for her college roommates. Hope they like a bit of a mess! lol

I probably won't be back to post for a couple days. Hopefully, I'll get some pictures of our trip and be able to show you a little of where she is and of the moving process. Then our plans are to stay a few extra days and Tracy, Kerri and I hope to go to the beach and do a few other fun things. So I'll probably be talking to you soon.

Sure would appreciate some prayers for a safe trip and hopefully not too many tears upon departure.


  1. Blessings on your way, Cathy!
    I remember those days ... and sometimes they come back too - furniture included LOL
    My daughter, Rachael for almost a year before the wedding... and son, Jason is back now, after graduation.

    The telephone, cell phone, texting, emailing and skyping do make separation so much easier than when we were in school...
    but there's nothing like a real hug.

    Whenever I think of how difficult it is to say goodbye when Amanda leaves ... I think of my friends who have sons and daughters in the military.

    I'll be thinking of you and praying for safety and comfort ♥

  2. Oh Mom!!! You're embarrassing me!!! Haha. jk. Yeah, I probably will miss my room more than anything else. Ugh.... I'm feeling more and more that i'm gonna get a little watery in florida... :(

  3. Hi Cathy
    Where is she going to put all that stuff? I hope she has a big room! LOL.
    I wish you all a safe trip.

  4. I decided the same thing with my son!! and he did manage to get all his stuff into his dorm room!

    praying for you. fyi...found that as we unpacked at the dorm, everyone was stressed and a bit testy last week. So just a heads up to see it earlier than I did and maybe avoid hurt feelings!! :)


  5. Happy traveling...

  6. Good luck loading the van : ) Been there and done that and it is not without challenges!

    And best wishes with the send off...there will probably be a few tears but they are happy mixed with sad. Safe travels!

  7. YIKES!!!! What a mess...I would freak out!
    Does she really need all that stuff???
    Good luck and I hope she enjoys her college years :P)

  8. It's a big week for you!

    My niece was horribly messy, and that may be an understatement. Then she went to college and her roommate was actually worse! It was amazing to hear Niece relay stories of telling her roomie "We aren't doing anything else today until this room is clean."

  9. Oh, sister, can I relate!!! I finally gave up on Katie's room! I'm with you, it just wasn't worth WWIII!! lol! She's the best daughter in the world but her room was never a priority for her! BTW, have you ever heard Joyce Myer share about her battle with one of her daughters over this same issue? Great story - cracked me up!! Sounds like our girls!!

    Safe travels!

    He is Faithful!
    Jackie :))

  10. I asked middle son's roommate if he was keeping their room clean, but apparently the roomie is just a messy! He keeps coming back (he's only 15 minutes away) to get more stuff. Guess it's a good thing he didn't go far away...he'd be at WalMart buying stuff all the time!

  11. I have a lot of doors closed in my house! LOL

    Blessings to your daughter for a safe and successful first year!



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