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Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday Fotos

Most of the pictures I've taken this week, I've already posted on my blog.  But here are a couple of a horse farm that is really close to where we live.  I had hubby drive by there the other night because they also have peacocks and I love it when they get close enough that I can get a picture of them.  Alas, they didn't come up close.  But in the last picture hubby noticed one way back by that red fence.  If you zoom in, you can see it a little better.  Then as I was looking at the photo, I noticed to the left of the fence there is one you can see in silhouette.  One of these days, I'll catch them up closer and hopefully with their tails opened wide.

But in the meantime, these horses are beautiful and I just love the white wood fences and green fields and the red roofed barn  This really is a beautiful place..

And then, of course, I couldn't resist stealing this photo off my daughter's FB page.  He's one of my favorite photo subjects.  Let me tell you, this boy loves his watermelon!!

I don't remember this picture, but I'm so glad I found it in my Google Photos.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!!  Sure do miss you.

Hope you all have a really great weekend!



  1. Beautiful photos. I would love to live in that house (3rd photo). Love the photo of your grandson, smiles. Have a great day, friend!!

    1. Let me tell you, it is a really beautiful place!

  2. Those blue skies & green fields - gorgeous

  3. Love the horse farm photos...and yes, I see the peacocks back there. Your grandson looks really happy with that watermelon! It's a good time to start enjoying it again! The picture of your mother with those beautiful hydrangeas (?) is wonderful! That is a treasure. Have a blessed and happy Mother's Day!


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