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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thankful Thursday

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This week I am thankful for (not in any particular order)

**Time with hubby on Saturday to drive the countryside and just enjoy our beautiful state.

**To actually be back at church for the morning service.  It was so good to really see everyone that came again.

**This puppy has a grooming appointment Saturday.  I can barely see her eyes right now.

**Video chats with my grandson and daughter and Marco Polo Chats with my oldest daughter.  So thankful for technology.

**That we found out pretty quickly that another plumbing problem, is just our water softener and we have an appointment to have it replaced on Monday.  Kinda scary in the middle of washing your hair and the water slows to a trickle and then comes out brown.  lol

**Thankful for the face mask that I bought from Rebecca Jo...I had to wear it for the first time at work today.  It is much more comfortable and cute than the ones work provided.  I mean if you gotta wear one, it's nice to have a cute Disney one.  Thanks Rebecca.

**I'm thankful for continued good health and for all of you who visit here.



  1. Aww...the puppy and kids photo are so cute! Thank you for sharing, smiles. I hope you have a beautiful day, friend.

  2. YIKES on the brown water! We've our semi-annual A/C visit going on now and I'm always nervous they're going to find something. Love your lil' astronaut in the phone. :)

  3. Love the mask and that space photo is so cute. Love the photos from your drive and Skye was cut last Friday with the lady who comes to the house with her van. I now make her appointments 3 months in advance.

  4. Love your photos. The fields look so beautiful. Love your mask! I guess I need to get more serious with my mask weating as we will start church on July 5th and must wear masks. At least we will be together again, even if we have to sit 6 feet apart and no singing. God's Spirit will be there anyway!! Praise God. Your puppy is so cute. Take care and God bless you.

  5. That's right - might as well look cute & share some smiles with that Mickey mask! I love it on you!
    Look at those blue skies with fluffy clouds!!! Makes me so happy!

  6. I know my poor puppy was a mess by the time I finally could get her groomed. So awesome that you can keep in touch with family through technology.

  7. Beautiful pictures of the countryside! Landscape photography is my favorite hobby! Your puppy dog is so cute! What a fun video chat with your family. That's something I've never figured out but I probably should. My granddaughter is 10 and is getting to the point where I'm not fun anymore, I'm old. :)


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