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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Tuesday 4 - Good Morning!


Good Morning!


It's time for Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.. just four questions each week for you to ponder and share your thoughts, likes and dislikes.  You can visit others and see their opinions and hopefully make some new blogging friends.

Can we talk about mornings? We all have them, right?

1. Do you jump out of bed or hit the deck running as I call it or are you slow to get up to speed in the morning? It depends on what the plans for the day are. Lucy usually wakes us up before the alarm goes off. So I have to get up and move so she can go out and do her business. By then even if I'm still tired, I'm awake and usually don't go back to sleep. But I will come back in and look at social media, or read my book (if I'm in the middle of one) or read my Bible and then get up and get started for the day.

2. Do you start the day with coffee or tea?  Or do other things help you wake up like washing your face, etc.? I do not drink coffee or tea. 

3. Is the best part of waking up some Folgers in your cup? What brand of coffee or tea lights your fire? Mine is Diet Coke

4. In the Netherlands toast with hefty style chocolate sprinkles are a usual breakfast.  Italy also begins the day with rolls or cookies.  Britain and America are eggs, bacon, toast, or cereal.  What about you? What is a typical breakfast for you? If we're staying home, I'll do something like cereal usually for breakfast, or frozen waffles and some bacon or sausage. If we're going to the church we'll pick up some breakfast on the way. Or I'll make overnight oats the night before and bring them with me.



  1. I normally avoid carbs, but will be making an exception for overnight oats. That and one of these days I want to enjoy a big old bowl of Grape Nuts again.

  2. I don't drink coffee or tea either. My breakfast is usually a bowl of fresh fruit with just a 1/4 cup sprinkle of homemade granola on top.

  3. I'm on my laptop each morning while I enjoy my coffee. I check the headline news and local weather, my email, and facebook. Then I will go to blogland. It's a routine I enjoy.

  4. I've never tried overnight oats. Hmmm.... I don't drink carbonated beverages very often. Coffee in the morning for sure, for me!! Another fun Tuesday 4!!

  5. I don't know too many people who don't drink tea or coffee. Good for you for making g overnight oats for breakfast. I haven't done that in quite some time.

  6. No coffee or tea.. you would make a good Mormon! No caffeine for them. The only time I make the frozen waffles is Christmas morning with ice cream and whipped cream on them for the grands.


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